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for monitoring _

Software and apps integrated that go way beyond operational functionalities. They’ll revolutionize your way of monitoring. When you can count on that synergy, your business prospers: it becomes scalable and it stays competitive. The secret is keeping the operational costs low and controlled, while at the same time, turn the treatment of occurrences/events easier. This way, you won’t have only a couple of features at your disposal, you will have the complete strategy in your hands.


Sigma is the heart of the system, where the modules are integrated and events are treated in the central. Your architecture is a market reference with 16 years of experience.


Create loyalty with technology. More security, well-being and comfort acquired. Bring your clients closer to the central with precise communication and quick response.


The Apps for your team will connect the agent/techs that work outside of the central, adding more agility, efficiency, and savings to your operation through the reduction of cost and distance between them.


Take the next step. Enjoy a powerful Segware VMS tool to monitor alarms and cameras with maximum integration, efficiency and convenience.

For 16 years, the leader

in monitored accounts _

Sigma operates within 80% of the monitored environments in Brazil. When you choose to work with our platform, you automatically will be within the biggest and best in your line of work.

Our leadership isexplained in numbers:

-  More than  -


50.000Monitored Accounts


Security’s DNA

to make the world

a safer place _

"Technology to makeyou climb"

We’re specialists in projecting solutions for businesses focused on always evolving, monitoring more accounts with a single platform that adapts itself to whatever size operation and desire to grow.

"Efficient andInnovative"

We’re always in the front lines, investing in new ideas that will change the way we monitor today. We believe that the insatient chase for efficiency in the operation that will guarantee the profitability from clients now, and in the future.

"Security andWell Being"

Our history began inside a monitoring central as our own alternative, created to face real life day to day operations. The desire to serve and protect the well being of the people we hold dear is in our DNA.

The best

monitoring experience _

Our platform is in constant evolution to always provide the best monitoring experience. When you sign up for one of the Sigma Security packages, you also receive the authority of the people that know this subject: platform, integration, and 5 star technical support.


The best relationship experience that you’ll ever have with a technology company.


Everything that you need to know when you’re starting with us, and start monitoring in a more efficient way.


Do not blink! :)
Total availability, at any time, to provide the best customer service to your company.


Integration with the best brands and partners in the electronic security market.


"A package for each

size of operation...

... or desire to grow" _

Lean infrastructure

with monitoring on the cloud

Without having to worry about infrastructure in the beginning. With Sigma Express, you'll monitor accounts anywhere, at any time. And you can get to work on the same day of choosing your package.

Want to know the EXPRESS!

More savings for the operation

with emphasis on client retention

On Sigma Professional you can count on Sigma Cloud, the Web Alarme portal, and the My Security app for the final client. Three tools that are essential to lower the cost of your operation and at the same time, keping your clients as they are.

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The solution that drives

the greats of security monitoring

The Sigma Enterprise package includes the monitoring software, web portal and apps for the final client, ready response teams, and techs. The Segware solution with the most complete features readily available to the people looking for leadership in their market.

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