With more than 70% of accounts monitored.

Absolute leader in alarm monitoring segment in Brazil.

With more than 70% of accounts monitored.

Who we are

SEGWARE is known for developing and marketing the platform SIGMA SECURITY SUITE - used in almost 80% of accounts in Brazil, and growing in large scale in Latin America.

This successful story started in 2001, when SEGWARE opened its doors to attend to the technological needs of a local security company. During this period, early ideas about SIGMA were born, as they noticed the need for a powerful and yet flexible software for alarm, images, and vehicles monitoring .

SEGWARE grew to deliver constant innovation applied to concepts that facilitate the lives of central stations administrators, managers, and operators. Customers businesses are at the core of the company, as inspiration for every product change and creation, and also at the top, treated always as level 1 priority. That is why SEGWARE offers technical support 24/7 and carefully accompanies migrations, installations, and other special processes.

In the security industry, many different equipments and producers have to work together seamlessly to deliver reliable data. SEGWARE's solutions and state-of-the-art software technology take away the complexity of integrating different hardware and software, and give the information to the user in an easy-to-use interface.

SEGWARE's headquarter is located in Brazil, with a branch in USA, and markets in México, Costa Rica, Panamá, Nicaragua, Colombia, Perú, Ecuador, Uruguay and Chile. The platform's flexibility, customizable to different ways of events management, together with the great number of integrations, has proven to embrace the specificities of different markets.


Transparency, Commitment, Innovation, Teamwork, Focus on Results, Sustainability and Competitiveness.


Contribute to a safer world in a sustainable way through innovation in technology solutions, people and relationship with customers and partners.


Become a reference in Monitoring Software Company by offering the best security technology solutions for customers.

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Segware, multinational company and a leader in systems for monitoring alarms.

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