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the greats of security monitoring _

The Sigma Enterprise package includes the monitoring software, web portal and apps for the final client, ready response teams, and techs. The Segware solution with the most complete features readily available to the people looking for leadership in their market.

The most complete package

The solution that pushesthe alarm monitoringgreats forward _

On Sigma Enterprise you will go even farther than just alarm monitoring. It’s complete efficiency with cuts in operational costs and operational steps. Get more proximity with your client and opportunities to generate new services. The complete platform optimizes and maintains a team that’s lean, betters the quality of responses, strengthens the fidelity strategies, and for that, grows your profitability so you can invest in your business where you need.

Think big, be Segware

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The strength of Sigma has the support of the largest in the market, proving that the solution answers all of the needs of whoever desires to scale their business and invest on the things you actually want to for your business. In short, the place you want to reach also depends on the technology you use.

The heart of your central station

Welcometo the future present!Welcome to theSigma Cloud era!

Start monitoring today. Monitor from anywhere with internet connection. Focus on your business and grow, without worrying about security or infrastructure, and let us take care of it for you. These are just a few benefits that monitoring software really based on a cloud architecture can provide you with.

Sigma Cloud

From operation
to integration,
the heart of
the central station _

Sigma Cloud allows you to view in a single interface every detail of the monitoring operation, being responsible for the integration of the entire package, even in the cloud, joining the monitoring software and all solutions, such as: web portal, mobile applications and integrations with the most important partners in the market.

"It's 24/7 high performance, independentlyof the number of accounts monitored."

Apps for the team

Reduce costs, shorten distances, and manageteams on the street as if they were in the central station.

To keep the information centralized, to provide autonomy for the teams, to achieve maximum economy with inputs, while still providing faster and easier service to the end customer, rely on OS Mobile and VTR Mobile.

The most efficient operation

Productivity controlled and centralizedon a single platform  _

No more "cordless phone" and duplicate or outdated information. With OS and VTR apps teams know exactly what to do, even outside the central station. It is more mobility and autonomy for both the operators and the teams in transit. All actions are logged in the system log, providing the intelligence that the manager needs to carry out his work.

Apps for customers

Solutions to turn happy customersinto your top sellers!

Broaden the service portfolio, improve customer perception, achieve high loyalty rates and increase your revenue through the Web Alarme portal and the My Security application.

Highest loyalty

See your operation.Happy customer.Happy Company _

Go beyond contact in situations of loss. Routine connections to confirm alarms by mistake during the late night can be a bother, although they are foreseen in the service. Improve your customer perception and loyalty through alternative options, new habits and comfort acquired through state-of-the-art technology.

"All customer contact isan opportunityto make a good impression!"

Additional Modules

SIM - SigmaImage Monitoring

Segware has brought one of the best architectures for VMS in the world to the monitoring market. Maximum performance, integration and ease to monitor alarms and images in one single platform 100% unified: One single contract, the same tech support services and all of the Segware quality you already know.

My SecurityCustomized

Mobile applications are excellent tools for customer loyalty and approximation. Take a step forward! Enjoy the know-how of Segware, the architecture of My Security and the care of our designers to customize the colors and logo, making your exclusive app. The customers are yours. Earn their loyalty to your brand!

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