Lean infrastructure

with monitoringon the cloud _

Without having to worry about infrastructure in the beginning. With Sigma Express, you'll monitor accounts anywhere, at any time. And you can get to work on the same day of choosing your package.

More flexibilityfor your business _

Monitor from any computer with internet connection through the platform that enhances and monitors its growth. The Sigma Cloud adapts to the data volume of your plant. Got more customers? The software itself suits the new processing demand and ensures the speed you need to handle your events efficiently.

Event processingup to20xfaster.

Welcometo the future present!Welcome to theSigma Cloud era!

Start monitoring today. Monitor from anywhere with internet connection. Focus on your business and grow, without worrying about security or infrastructure, and let us take care of it for you. These are just a few benefits that monitoring software really based on a cloud architecture can provide you with.

Always Available

Because the operationcan’t stop _

No need to stop the operation to update the software. The updates are done in the background, eliminating the risks of losing information or running out of access. The same holds true for unexpected situations, such as floods or fires, since the database is in the cloud, your data will always be protected.

Up to25%more profitable.

"Your team 100%dedicated to the operation"

Cloud Technology

Practicality and safety that you already use and trust _

Big companies already make their products available in the cloud: your email provider and your favorite social network are just 2 of many possible examples. The security of this type of hosting is ensured by the companies that provide the service through strategies that involve encryption and distribution of data between servers around the world. Thus, your monitoring will be free of virtual threats such as the dreaded ransomware.

"Monitor customerswith the same agility asmanaging your emails"

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