More savingsfor the operation

with emphasis onclient retention _

On Sigma Professional you can count on Sigma Cloud, the Web Alarme portal, and the My Security app for the final client. Three tools that are essential to lower the cost of your operation and at the same time, keping your clients as they are.

Savings and Features

Less phone and paper expenses,more from the internetyou already have _

The perfect ally to assist in the reduction of cost for your operation. Eliminate expenses with paper/ink, excessive phone calls, SMS, and save time using the internet as your main method of communication. Cut unnecessary costs and optimize the resources that you already have at your disposal: do much more with with less than you’re already paying!

Reports 24/7

Don’t deviate your focus,your reports arealways available _

Don’t stop your activities to create or submit reports. Configure what information you’d like to make available to your clients and suppliers in the WebAlarme portal. Access to the portal is created through a username and password and the client or supplier themselves can consult the information that they may need at any time. If you work with a third party Ready Response service, as an example, this is a great way of showing how many dispatched vehicles have already been utilized to the service provider without wasting any time!

Communication and Automatization

Automatizationin the moments whenyou need it most _

The My Security App is a powerful tool to decongest your central station during peak hours. Your client can expedite the attendance without losing the connection to your company. Experiment with integrating Sigma + My Security to the IVR module and free up operators from answering too many events in the busy periods of your day.

Client Retention

Acquiring new clients feels great,keeping those clientsfeels even better _

Controlled costs with Sigma and connectivity with the portal and app, two characteristics that of Sigma Professional that boost your monitoring operation and assist on maintaining your clients for a long time.

Additional Modules

SIM - SigmaImage Monitoring

Segware has brought one of the best architectures for VMS in the world to the monitoring market. Maximum performance, integration and ease to monitor alarms and images in one single platform 100% unified: One single contract, the same tech support services and all of the Segware quality you already know.

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